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             Over the years I've developed my own shortcut    

              methods. I enjoy sharing them with friends like you.


         My shortcut blocks ~  Click on Shortcut Blocks above for directions


             Boston Block         Star Point       Triple Strip          HST            Drunkards Path

 Wylde Flower 

     Victorian Christmas

        Kansas Dugout     4 Patch Square     4 Patch Triangle      Wings Block          Balkan Block

tMy quilt blocks are made using my shortcut blocks. Each one is easy to assemble. 

You will need a template of any size and some will need a ruler with a 30 degree line. 

Once you've learned to make the shortcut block needed for the quilt block you chose to make then you will join all of the shortcut blocks into your quilt block. 


This is really easy and looks more complicated than it really is. Once you know the tricks then you can make some really intricate looking quilt blocks with easy steps!!


The template determines the size of shortcut block and quilt block. I use a 2 1/2" template

to make a 12 1/12" quilt block. If you use a 1 1/2" template you will get a 6 1/2" quilt block.

A 1 1/4" will make a 4 3/4" quit block.  This is for the quilt blocks that have 6 rows of 6 blocks per row.  You can use a larger template or a smaller template. The process works the same no matter the size of the template. 


Any skill level can do this. If you can sew a straight seam and cut with a rotary cutter you can do this!!



Making my Boston Block -- one of my shortcut blocks





 To make this shortcut block I used triangles. I cut squares and then cut them from one corner to the oppposite corner to get 2 triangles.  The size of triangles depends on the size of template you use.  You can use scraps instead of triangles if you like. 


1 yellow square cut in two and 

1 white square cut in two

1 blue square cut in two


The yellow and the white triangles are sewn together

Trim the bottom edge. 

Sew on a blue triangle


Lay the joined fabric on a mini cutting mat. 


Lay a template on the fabrics matching the corners of the template to the seams. 


Using a rotary cutter I cut out around the template as accurately as possible. 


This results in a Boston Block



After you make the shortcut blocks in the colors you need                You can sew them into rows and then sew the rows together

for the quilt block you chose to make then it's time to sew                but I find this is prone to getting off track and you can find

them together into the quilt block.                                                          your rows are not straight.  


                                                  I prefer to sew 4 blocks into a 4 patch and then sew the 4 patches together.

                                      This gives you better control of keeping your squares accurately in line with it's neighbors. 


Here you can see a quilt block that is made with Boston Blocks.              Make sure you place the shortcut blocks in the position you 

This process is the same for all quilt blocks and any shortcut blocks       see them in the layout picture and make sure the colors are in 

you use.  Once you are used to using shortcut blocks then you will         the same place I put them if you want to get the same design.

see where the blocks are in the design and how they fit together. 


                                                                      My designs are dependent on contrast in your colors.

                                                            So make sure you have strong contrast so the elements of the

                                                     quilt block won't blend together. When they blend you lose the design.

                                                                     It will not look as well defined if areas blend together



                                   What a Whirl Quilt Block                      Layout - You can see the individual shortcut blocks

                                          This quilt block uses my Boston Blocks and HSTs(half square triangles)  


                          Once you have your shortcut blocks made then lay them out in the layout you see  on the                                 right. Make sure they are in the right place and the colors are in the right place.


                                                     Click on the Quilt block to go to the page

                                                     for the rest of the directions

                            or click on the BOM tab above and find the What a Whirl quilt block in the menu.    



You may copy and use any of the free tutorials and free patterns. You are welcome to sell anything you make with the free tutes and free patterns.

You may share the tutes and free patterns with no restrictions.


The exceptions are my Ebooks and Patterns for sale. 


I reserve the right to not allow any 

copying or sharing of the Ebooks and Patterns for sale.


Permission to copy and share Ebooks and/or boughten Patterns with guild

members is available upon request.


      Wishing you Sunshine and Laughter!!  



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