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About me

      Welcome to my site!  I started quilting in 1980 when my kids were  Glen 3 Nathan 4 and Sarabeth 5 yrs old. I was a young mother and bored. So I taught myself to quilt using magazines and tv shows. I am entirely self taught. I've never attended any quilt classes.                                                                                                                                          


I love the colors and designs of quilting. I started out with no  money for fabric. I used yard sale fabrics and any fabric my mom passed on to me. She gave me a roll of burlap and I made a quilt for my son with that burlap.  I also made a crib size stamp quilt for one of my sons.  I loved purses so I spent alot of time making purses with squares and triangles sewn into simple patterns. I love geometrics and I love to design. I made a couple of Sunbonnet Sue quilts for sale and I also made a king size Sunbonnet Sue for my neighbor. I learned to do minis and fell in love with the process about 20 yrs ago. i am now primarily a miniaturist but I have done some larger projects for swaps.             


Now part of my time is spent on working on my EQ making quilt designs and BOM Quilt Blocks using my shortcut methods. I've been working on improving my pattern making skills and I'm always looking for ways to improve.                                                                             



My family - My husband Glen and I were married in 1975 so as of now 2015 we have celebrated our 40th anniversary last January.  We have 3 adult kids who are married and between them all we have 17 grandkids - this includes 10 grandkids / 2 grand in laws / and 5 great grandkids.  Our youngest greatchild is 8 mos old! Our youngest grandson is 4 years old. We have lots to be thankful for and are truly blessed with a big family!        


I spend most of my time helping my husband when needed as he his handicapped. I also am a care giver for my autistic grandson Zach how is now 14. I have Zach two weekends a month. I also have my 4 youngest grandkids one weekend every month also. They are alot of fun and lots of noise when they are here!