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Half Square Triangle Blocks or HSTs Tutorial

There are lots of ways to make HSTS but I am going to show you my way. I like to use my shortcut Piece & Cut method which means you sew fabric together and then cut out a square with a template.


The size of template depends on the size of the HST you need for your project. 

I do have templates available if you don't have the right size you need. 


So here is my method:


   1 cut strips  I use a 2 1/2" template to make a 12 1/2" unfinished quilt block

      so you measure from the center of your template to one corner. then add 2 seam allowances or 1/2" at least.

      This comes out to 2 1/2" for using a 2 1/2" template. But if you use a larger or smaller template you need to adjust the size of strips


   2  sew 2 strips together. 

   3  iron the seams open and iron on both sides. 

   4  lay your joined strips on a cutting mat.

   5  lay your template on the seam as shown below. 

   6  using a rotary cutter cut out around the template. Make sure you cut as accurately as you can. The more accurate you are here the

          easier it is to join the shortcut blocks together later. 

   7  repeat cutting out HSTs until you have used the strips up or you have as many as you need.

   8  after cutting out from the strips the first time you can pull apart the strips and using the other side sew the strips together again.

   9  continue cutting out HSTs


   As you can see below you can use the left overs at the bottom of the strips to make other shortcut blocks.