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          January Block of the Month


      Here is an original quilt block designed by me Rhonda. You can see it is a 6 x 6 grid that means it is 6 rows of 6 blocks in each row.  You will need to learn to make the shortcut block before you start making the quilt block. Once you have learned how to make each shortcut block needed then you need to see how many colors you need and where to put the colors. In the layout picture - where you see the individual blocks seperated- you will be able to see where the colors and their color values need to be to get the design you see here. 


      Below the  Quilt Block and it's layout you will find  some trouble shooting ideas.



                    Babe Ruth's Fancy                                      Butterfly Lantern

 Troubleshooting Tips


      Somethings to remember- if you want your quilt block design to look the way mine does.


       Value is important when you choose your colors. If I used a strong color like red then you need a strong value in there. Don't change a red for a white. You can choose to change the red to a dark blue or a brown. But be careful if you use a medium color because they can blend into the background and then your design won't pop. 


      You should have at least 3 shades difference between your light and your med. so if you have a white for a background you don't want a pale pink for your next value. if it is really pale it will blend too much and you lose your design. If you have a med pink with white you will do fine. but then you need to use a deeper color for your next value.

So you'd have white/ med pink/ dark medium pink or green /darkest color.


      If you use a pattern with flowers and vines or something that is alike  you need to make sure your prints won't blend together.  If one print has leaves and the next print has flowers and leaves they may end up looking like one large unit when they are sewn together. so make sure your prints are not alike. one should be say flowers and one could be polka dots. You need contrast in your prints as well as in your colors. 


      One of the things I like to do is switch the dark colors for light colors. So the design will take on a different look just by changing the colors. You still need to keep in mind that your values need to have contrast!


    In my opinion you need a good color contrast to make the design show up well. But there are a lot of color options out there so enjoy mixing and matching and seeing what you can create!!