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  HSTs or Half Square Triangle Quilt Block Designs          


         Click on HST to go to tutorial


   There are lots of ways to make HSTs but I developed an easy quick way to make them with no dogears no buying any thangles or other paper helps. Check out my Block tutorials and  you will see what I mean. 


   So once you have mastered making HSTS with whatever method you are comfortable with you can come here and use any of my free quilt designs. These are my original designs made by me on my EQ software. Now I know there is always the possibility someone else has come up with the same designs I did. But to the best of my knowledge these are all my originals. 


   Here you will find my quilt block designs and under each picture you will find what I call a Block Layout. I seperated the blocks in the quilt block picture so you could see each individual HST block. Pay attention to where each block is and the color used in each one. Also pay attention to how each block is sitting. Is it turned upside down? Does it face the left or right?  If you change the position of the colors and the blocks themselves you won't get the design I show here. 


    Make as many blocks as you need in the colors that you need. Then sew them together into rows or units and continue to add til you have a quilt block made. I tend to sew things into 4 patches as it is easier to join smaller seams until you have to sew longer seams. Once you have 4 patches or rows made then join them together. 


    You may use my free quilt block designs in any way you want. No restrictions on how you use them. 





Anna Layout
Caroline layout
Henrietta - layout
Jemima - Layou
Maisie  Layout
Lilly - layout
Della  layout
Irene Layout
Evangelina Layout
Tarina layout
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