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                                        Free quilt patterns  - 


                         Use them any way you like. The only restriction is you can't sell the pattern. 



       Each quilt is made up of my original quilt blocks. These quilt blocks are made with my shortcut blocks.  You will need a tempate. I send out free templates upon request. Send me your postal address and what size template you'd like. You can check out the sizes on my template page.    


           To make this quilt:


     1. learn to make the shortcut blocks needed for this quilt. 

     2. Look at the layout picture to see what colors you need and where the colors go. 

            Try to keep the same color values to get the same look I have here. 

     3. make as many shortcut blocks as you need.

     4. follow the layout picture to make one quilt block

     5. Make as many quilt blocks as you need for the size of your quilt  

     6. Sew all of your quilt blocks together 

                     Incan Stars