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  This quilt block is a common block and has many tutorials out there telling you how to cut out the pieces carefully and piecing them together.

Well with my Cut Down Method it reduces the pattern to a 9 patch.

My method uses



      4 Boston Blocks /


      4 HSTs cut out my way and


      the center is a Combo 4 patch cut out my way. 


I used a 3 1/2" template and the finished size is 9 1/2". If you want to make a 12 1/2" quilt block use a 4 1/2" template.

Hope this tutorial helps make this block easier to make.


For the Boston Blocks tutorial -  http://www.piecencutpatchwork.com/#!boston-block-tutorial/cvdo




   You will need to cut out 3 white blocks. Cut two of them into two triangles.


   The third one cut into 4 triangles.


   For each of the colored fabrics you will need to cut 1 full block and then cut it into two triangles.


   Use one triangle to measure with and cut out one more triangle.


   This 3rd triangle cut it into two smaller triangles.




For the Half Square Triangle blocks (HSTs) tutorial -   http://www.piecencutpatchwork.com/#!half-square-triangle-tutorial/c11yw




    Now repeat the steps to make the HSTs. Using the large white triangles and the large colored triangles


    sew them together into joined fabrics. Then use your template to cut out the HST from the center   


    You should now have 4 HSTs that are half white and half color(one for each color)





For the 4 Patch block -(center block) tutorial -  http://calicodreamsforever.blogspot.com/p/combo-blocks.html



  Here is the layout of all the Bostons and HSTs and the one 4 patch block you just made.














                                   Sew two blocks together as shown here. 















                                         Sew two sets of two together














   Now sew on the third set of twos together and the third block to the bottom of the other set of two. I prefer this method of joining instead of sewing them into rows, I feel I have better control of keeping the blocks straight and not crooked when I join them this way
















  And Ta Da! You now have a Card Trick Quilt Block. If you take time to make sure each block is accurate as you cut it out of the joined fabrics and you check each time you sew two blocks together to make sure they are straight and not crooked then your quilt block should come out square and need little to no trimming to make it a true square. Prevention is soooo much better than having to redo.