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    Star Point Quilt Blocks


     These are my original quilt block designs. To make these quilt blocks you need to go to the Shortcut Blocks tab and click on it for the drop down menu. Then choose the Star Point Block link. You will find directions there for how to make a Star Point Block. These "Blocks" are then used to make the quilt block of your choice.  Once you have learned to make the Star Point blocks then look at the layout of the quilt block you want to make and see where the colors go and how to place the blocks to get the design you want to make.

Cecilia --.jpg
Cecilia layout.jpg
Hazel --.jpg
Hazel layout.jpg
Lavina --.jpg
Lavina Layout.jpg
Phoebe --.jpg
Phoebe layout.jpg
SP - ANNA -Star Points - 288.jpg
SP - Neva - STAR POINTS - 288  LAYOUT.jpg
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